Water Softner

Water Softener

Fresh Water Systems offer a variety of different water softening systems for different size homes and budgets. Our whole house water softener systems are easy to install, easy to maintain, and can offer you savings by using less energy and prolonging the life of home appliance such as you hot water heater.

When purchasing a soft water system from us you not only are getting the highest quality water softener systems, and the best water softener prices but the experience and knowledge from our CWS (Certified Water Specialist) team will insure you get the right system for your water softening needs.

Water Softner
Water Softening Systems Water Consumption for Regeneration The volume of water used during the regeneration process of a water softener will vary depending on : Amount and type of resin
  • Cycle time setting
  • Flow controllers
  • Salt settings
  • Tank diameter
  • Generally, water usage for regeneration is based on the cubic feet of resin per water softener from a low of 30 gallons of water per cubic foot, up to a normal of 75 gallons of water per cubic foot, to a maximum of 100 gallons of water per cubic foot.

Water Softner